Why we need to spend more time in green spaces during a pandemic

By Tina Chau Feb 16, 2021

Life for many of us since the pandemic started has been about adjusting to traveling restrictions, working from home, sheltering in place, and physical distancing. While things have been getting better, we still find ourselves cautiously navigating a different normal in our daily life. International travel may not be high on our list of priorities at this time, but some of us are probably yearning to be out and about. And there's nothing like getting closer to nature at this time to keep our balance.

Staying active in open spaces

To simply breathe in the air outside is therapeutic. And there is nothing like taking this experience up a notch by heading out into vast open spaces. Green spaces like parks and gardens are perfect for staying active and still keeping a safe distance from others. Doing activities like walking, running, hiking, and other outdoor exercises is a form of self-care that may just be what we need during these trying times.

Keeping the pandemic blues at bay

The uncertainties and worries we experience amid this pandemic affect us in different ways. Sometimes just spending more time outdoors helps improve our mood. It can soothe our anxiety and maybe even provide a different perspective on how we view things.

Getting Vitamin D from the sun

While there are plenty of supplements available to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, the sun is still the best source. No supplement can mimic the feeling and experience you just by safely soaking up some sunlight every day. To feel the warmth of the sun on our skin and see the sky as we enjoy a bit of sunlight at the heart of a verdant park or garden is a unique experience altogether.

It has been almost a year since we started grappling with the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has caused. We may not be able to travel to places we planned to go before all this happened. But there are lush green spaces near us to visit and explore.

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