Should You Travel Now?

By Mhegan Lee Aug 30, 2021

With more people getting vaccinated things were looking up that a safer new normal may just be around the corner. That maybe it is time to start planning a trip overseas. But the emergence of new COVID-19 variants like Delta, which is more contagious than the earlier variants, could put vacation plans on hold again. If you are thinking of traveling abroad for vacation, here are some things to consider before you go.


1. Travel restrictions


Some countries that have eased travel restrictions in the past months are reverting to stricter measures as the Delta variant caused a spike in cases. The risk remains even for vaccinated travelers. Travel restrictions could change at any moment and could potentially complicate your travel arrangements. If there is one thing that we are sure about traveling in a pandemic it would be the higher possibility of dealing with the unexpected.


2. Flight cancellations


Be prepared for flight cancellations because of sudden announcements of border closures, a significant increase of COVID-19 cases, or other pandemic-related reasons. A canceled flight could not only lead to messing up your plans but also to additional costs. It could also mean getting stranded in a place that may be put in lockdown.


3. Situation on the ground


Getting there may be easier than getting around. You will have to consider the level of openness of the place you want to visit. Are foreign tourists required to take COVID-19 tests and/or undergo hotel quarantine? Are there many attractions and establishments open? What activities are allowed? These are all things that could affect your travel plans.


4. Is it worth the cost?


Traveling at this time is costly. You may have to spend for at least one COVID-19 test, flight cancellations or delays, hotel quarantine that may take anywhere between 7 to 21 days, and more. Getting around can also add to the cost, especially if you opt to rent a car or take a taxi instead of public transportation. And you also have to prepare a contingency plan for when you test positive for COVID-19 while on your trip.


5. Peace of mind


Being on the road is inherently an adventure. Travelers have long dealt with some uncertainties and plenty of unexpected. But in a COVID-19 pandemic, these unknowns make you feel even more vulnerable. And it is not exactly an ideal situation to put yourself in when you are looking for fun and relaxation.

For some people, non-essential travel abroad may still have to be put on hold for now. Others may already be cautiously planning to go. Should you travel now? It is a choice to carefully make knowing what it is like at this time.

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