Thanksgiving 2021: Things to be thankful for

By Tina Chau Oct 25, 2021

"What if today, we were just grateful for everything?" — Charlie Brown

Thanksgiving has always been one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the US. For many, it is a tradition -- a time for gatherings and reconnecting with family and friends. The pandemic has since added poignancy to the occasion with last year's socially distanced celebrations. This year we look forward to another Thanksgiving with more reasons to be grateful for.


Every day


None of us could have imagined that this pandemic would get as bad as it did and how much it would disrupt and change life as we know it. It blindsided us. We were caught unprepared to deal with it. Many have experienced the grief of losing loved ones, friends, jobs, opportunities, and so much more. At its worst moments, some of us may have wondered if we would be able to survive it. Every day has become a gift to be lived to the fullest. The future is muddled by uncertainties. We can only grasp what the day brings and make the most of it.




The early days of the pandemic were a time of confusion and anxiety. Sheltering in place and social distancing cut us off from people who live outside our own bubbles. It took its toll as the days dragged on into weeks and for some even months. But these moments also served as a reminder that we get to choose how we deal with the curve balls life throw at us. The power to choose how we carry on as best as we can despite all the challenges.




Navigating life in COVID-19 is an adventure in itself with many unknown variables. We learned how to live with various restrictions. In some ways, we have become adventurers as we explored life under this new normal. For some, it meant hiking and reconnecting with nature. Others got into baking, growing plants, and learning new things. It was like venturing into the unfamiliar, making the most of the personal time, and becoming better along the way.


Living with COVID-19


Life is still far from the old normal. Maybe we will not be able to go back to how it used to be. But as the world gradually reopens amid COVID-19 we begin to accept that we may have to live with it for some time. We adapt and learn as we continue to keep going while still uncertain but with more confidence that we can handle whatever life throws at us.




Fall is a season of appreciation and contemplation. There is so much going on that makes us pay attention to the things around us. It is a time of letting go, appreciating nature and life, celebrating and giving thanks for things that matter to us, and so much more. It is a time for cozying up and taking stock -- to see that we have so much more than we think we have.

Regardless of how we choose to celebrate Thanksgiving, may this year be filled with meaning and blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

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