Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site really free?

Yes absolutely!


What are the travel plans about?

You add travel plans to your profile so others can see where you are going. When you or other users search for a Travel Buddy, it’s these details that are searched through, so if you haven’t entered your Travel Plans yet, you won’t show up in these searches.


Can I add to Vegtravelbuddies?

Yes! We greatly appreciate any help from you to share your stories and submit them so others can read about it.


Why do I need to register?

If no one registers how would you contact each other without publicly posting everything? VegTravelBuddies uses a very simple registration process to get just the basics - a username, email address and password. We don't display your email on your profile and we don't sell any information. Users get in touch via internal messaging, we use your email to confirm your registration and alert you of new messages.


If I get a message where does it go to?

Your messages can be accessed from the "Inbox" button on your profile. You will also receive an email notification indicating that you have new messages.


How do I enter my Travel Plans?

Add your Travel Plans one stage at a time. So if you're doing a tour of Asia and going to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia add each one of those countries individually.

This allows you to enter all the details for each trip: the activities you can do but most importantly how long you will be in each place.

A 6 month tour of 5 countries can't show where you'll be on what date unless each country is entered individually.


How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by sending us an e-mail at