Vegan Travel Food Spot: Veganerie Soul in Bangkok

By Jercyl Lerin Apr 10, 2019

I arrived hungry in Bangkok on a Friday morning. But I was buoyed by the thought of having lunch at the Veganerie, an all-vegan restaurant that I read a lot about when I was doing my research for my trip. So when I finally arrived at the hotel, after almost an hour because of the heavy traffic, I just quickly dropped off my carry-on in my room and booked a Grab car to take me to Veganerie Soul in Siam Paragon.

The ride to Siam Paragon, which is one of Thailand's largest shopping malls, took almost half an hour. The driver dropped me off at Gate 4 of the mall which led to an area where several restaurants and cafes are located.  It was like a maze of dining establishments and stalls. It took a while for me to find Veganerie which thankfully had an empty table when I arrived.

Veganerie Soul in Siam Paragon (photo from here)


Vegan BBQ Pulled Pork Waffles

Deciding what to eat was not easy given so many mouthwatering dishes on the menu. I have been craving for waffles for weeks though so I thought I'll have them for lunch. But I also wanted something savory so I ordered the Vegan BBQ Pulled Pork Waffles (vegan waffle with flax seed, grilled BBQ mushroom, coleslaw salad, soy mayonnaise, and black pepper served with a side salad). It was the best vegan lunch I had in a long time. Everything was delicious but the waffles stood out for me. They were thick, moist, flavorful, and still warm when I started digging in. It provided an excellent balance to the savory flavor of the pulled "pork". The soy mayonnaise was a pleasant surprise as well. I could have mistaken it for dairy-based mayonnaise if I had not known that everything was vegan.  

Vegan bbq pulled pork waffles, banoffee pie, and iced Thai tea


Banoffee Pie

I love banoffee pie so this was something I have been looking forward to since I read that they have it on the menu. I was surprised though that they served it first. I was tempted to eat it right away but managed to wait until after I finished my bbq pulled pork waffles. It was a toothsome finale to what had been a great meal. Their banoffee pie had a delectable mix of flavors - not too sweet with a subtle hint of saltiness at the base. The soft texture of the coconut cream, the smooth fresh bananas, and the firm chocolate and wholewheat base all came together for a burst of delicious flavors.

Banoffee pie

Iced Thai Tea   

Veganerie's list of drinks was as extensive as their food selections.  I wish I could try all of them. I went for the easiest choice and had the delicious and refreshing iced Thai tea.


About Veganerie


I had the chance to visit Veganerie Soul again the night before my flight back home. I was joined by two friends from Hong Kong and Malaysia. We went there for dinner and here are some of the dishes we tried.

Vegan Banoffee Waffle

I tried the banoffee waffle this time. The banana waffle was served with slices of fresh bananas, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream. The server told me that I can choose which flavor of ice cream I want to go with my waffle. I asked for matcha so I was disappointed when they served the waffle with vanilla ice cream. I still enjoyed the meal though but it was not as mind-blowing as the waffle I had on my first visit. It was not as warm and lacked the texture, flavor, and moistness of the waffle they served with the pulled pork.

Vegan banoffee waffles


Brownie Smoothie

Thick, creamy, and chocolatey with bite-size chunks of brownies oozing with dark chocolate flavor - the brownie smoothie is pure indulgence. Something that every chocolate lover like me would not want to miss out on.

Brownie smoothie


Thai Green Curry & Baked Roti and Vegan Massaman Curry & Baked Roti

My friends tried the Thai green curry and the Massaman curry. Both dishes were served with baked roti on the side. Each dish was served in a small bowl and a separate container for the baked roti.

Thai green curry and baked roti

One of my friends wanted a meal with rice but sadly Veganerie did not have any rice dishes on the menu. But rice can be ordered as an add-on so my friend had one for his curry dish.

Veganerie Soul is not as spacious or cozy as Veganerie Concept based on what I have seen in photos. I wanted to visit the latter but did not have the time to do it. But overall, I had pleasant and memorable dining experiences at Veganerie Soul. I can't wait to visit the other branches as well the next time I'm in Bangkok.


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