Vegan Travel Costa Rica – Farm of Life Review

By Tina Chau Sep 27, 2019

Farm of Life

As our 4 by 4 taxi pulled up to the entrance of Farm of Life, we were immediately greeted by Brian and Jody, the owners of the place. Brian showed us our cabin and gave us a tour of the farm. 

The farm had a magical feel to it and I thought if there was ever a place like heaven on earth, this would be it.   Our cabin is perched on top of the mountain and the view from our balcony was stunning. 

View from our cabin

I immediately felt like perhaps this is the place where I can let my guard down and start the process of healing my inner fears.  For as long as I can remember, I always had this fear in my heart.  As a child, I remember vividly dreading bedtime.  I still don’t quite understand why.  As I got older, I would go through a few volatile relationships, and each argument or breakup would literally send me into that feeling of vivid dread I had as a child.  My heart would feel like someone punched a hole in it and it would even physically ache.  It would feel like the end of the world each time it happened.  I was ready to explore what this achy heart of mine was trying to tell me.  

When Brian gave us a tour of the greenhouse where the herbs and medicinal plants are grown, I immediately asked him what’s a good herb for anxiety.  He showed me the gota kola, he said this will calm your nervous system.  I could not shove the leaves down my throat quick enough. He advised me to take it daily and so I did.

Picking herbs in the garden

Next stop was the kitchen. Every morning a cup of green juice would greet us after yoga class. After that, we are free to use the kitchen to prepare our meals or eat any of the produce that was abundantly available for us to choose from.



My daily breakfast while I was there were green juice and some fruits. Many of the produce was grown on the farm. I usually had a green juice and fruits for breakfast. Some more fruits for lunch and then dinner was either a big salad or healthy gourmet vegan dish prepared by the lovely chef there. She truly pours her creativity and heart into every meal.

Dinner spread

Delicious dinner!

After dinner, a pot of freshly brewed herb tea was there for us to enjoy.   I really looked forward to drinking the tea in the evenings because it helped soothe me before bedtime.

Nighttime tea

Aside from all the wonderful things at the farm of life, another part I truly enjoyed was the guests there. I felt instantly connected to each and every one of them. It felt like we were all there to heal different aspects of our mind, body, and emotions. It helps when you are there collectively healing together, it feels more powerful.

Yoga deck

Non-chlorinated infinity pool

Dessert class

At the farm of life, there were either classes, tours or excursions going on daily. You can participate in every one of them or none at all.  It is totally up to the guests. Since I was there with my children, I participated in most of the excursions. There was this one excursion where we went to which was called the Peacefalls.  It is a beautiful and secluded waterfall. I so enjoyed it while I was there, it also started to rain while the sun was shining. It will definitely become a pleasant memory that I will revisit in the future when I’m anxious. As the days passed, little by little I felt my anxiety subside.


There was a husky named Ceasar on the farm that even leads the way to the waterfall. He ran the whole way there in front of our truck as Brian was driving. I was really surprised by how Ceasar knew where we were going. It was at least a 20-minute drive and another 15 minutes walk to the waterfall. 

Live music

The farm of life has all the elements and resources to help me heal. I had been avoiding my fears for a very long time. Whether I was ready or not, my fears and anxiety came up to be worked on while I was there. I was really not expecting to feel such intense anxiety. The farm of life with all its people, elements and healing modalities was exactly the right place for my fears to come out.  I learned not to push them away, but to embrace them. It is a journey for sure and it is not easy.

When we are scared, we tend to push our fears away.  However, this only makes our fears worst because it validates it and makes it seem more real. I learned to be less reactive and more compassionate towards the fears because only then, will the fears loosen its grip.  I felt freer after I left the farm, I also lost a bit of unwanted weight without even trying. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for an affordable retreat and a supportive community to help you on your healing journey. 

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