5 Best Things about Finding a Vegetarian or Vegan Travel Buddy

By Mhegan Lee Oct 31, 2018

Some of us prefer to travel solo while others like to go on trips with a group. But meeting new people who share the same interest as you can be an amazing experience. Don't get me wrong. I love traveling with my family and friends. But when you're the only veg eater in the group there comes a point when you wish there's someone you can connect with in ways that even your most supportive loved ones can't.

1. Meet veg friends from around the world

It's always nice to meet new people when you're traveling.  But there's something even more special about meeting plant-based travelers who experience travel differently from non-veg folks. We already have a very important aspect in common, which is our diet. And for whatever reason we choose to eat veg, that's a common ground.  Perhaps we will likely share the same philosophy in a lot of things in life.  I often find vegans and vegetarians are very much into natural products, do-it-yourself projects, reducing our carbon footprint, zero waste, etc.

2. Explore more of the local veg food scene

Veg food hunting becomes more fun in the company of someone whose diet is similar to yours. You can also get more ideas on which places to go and dishes to try. Sharing each other's food likewise allows you to taste more of the veg meals and treats you find along the way.

3. Enjoy the food experience to the fullest

Eating with a fellow veg traveler means you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. Plant-based food is often better in veg restaurants. Going to a restaurant with a few veg options versus an all-veg restaurant, the dishes in the latter are always much better. Traveling with a veg travel buddy means you don't have to think twice about suggesting having your meal in an all-vegan or vegetarian place. And you can order whatever you want without having to explain your choices.

4. Share stories and tips

You can learn a lot of things from fellow veg travelers who may have been to places you have not been to before. It makes for a great opportunity to share stories and tips. You get to see things from different perspectives. And possibly, they can even inspire you to visit the places they have been to. Or plan future trips together.

5. Look forward to when you meet again

The best thing about gaining a new veg friend when you're traveling is that it could be the start of a great friendship. The connection doesn't have to end when the trip is over. There's always a chance you will see each other again when you travel to each other's country.

It is an exciting time to travel as a vegan nowadays. A growing number of people are making the switch to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or, at the very least, giving it a try. Not to mention the dramatic increase of veg dining and food options across the globe. So if you are planning on taking a trip, now is always a good time to connect with veg travelers who may be traveling to the same destination around the same time as you.

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